Wildlife Pursuit Films

"Every fall when it starts to turn brown and the foliage changes, there is something that happens to a Man’s brain, he thinks about, it soon will be time to go for the hunt"
— Norvin J. Elbert. WWII Veteran and 93 yr. old Great Grandpa.

The experiences provided by the outdoors, while on the hunt are often indescribable. Yet the hunt is not what calls us to the outdoors, nor is it the underlying reason why we create the films that are filled with our deepest passion.

Wildlife Pursuit Films spotlight not only the lifetime experiences the outdoors can provide but also the bond between man and nature. As we balance life, we seek to create moments in time that lead to life-long memories and the framework for future generations of hunters.

What you see in our films is raw and pure. Our films share both success as well as struggle, with the core of our lives honoring the outdoors and the hunt.

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