Team Anderson is all about Family. The heritage of hunting has been passed down through the generations in the Anderson Crew.

Tom enjoyed time, as a child, hunting with his father and only wishes he had more time with his dad. Throughout the years Tom has wasted no opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors with his family. Nate and his 2 brothers were brought up hunting in Michigan, Colorado and Wyoming, and learned the ways of the woods from Tom.

Nate has enjoyed an incredible hunting career thanks entirely to his father, Tom, teaching and giving selflessly for the family.

In recent years the Anderson Crew has been able to pass the heritage to the next generation. Tanyon, Nate’s son, has been hunting with the crew and has enjoyed harvesting his first turkey last year at age 6. The enjoyment Tanyon found while hunting was only rivaled by Tom and Nate getting to be there too.

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Tom Anderson

About Tom Anderson

Given the opportunity to hunt along side his father, Tom found hunting to be enjoyable as family pastime. For the last 30 years, Tom has been able to share many hunts and adventures in the woods with his sons and grandson.

Some of his biggest accomplishments include many archery whitetail deer, bear, elk and turkey and a mountain lion, along with a rifle moose and most recently a mountain goat.

To Tom it is all about being together and doing what he loves with the family.

About Nate Anderson

Nate from the age 10 remembers getting to “tag along” on trips to the cabin for deer camp. These early memories of hunting solidified the passion for the hunt and enjoyment of time together in the outdoors. Nate when asked what he enjoys the most would answer “the time with my dad.” Adventures over the years have resulted in countless memories all cherished of past time together with family.

He has used his skills to make the most of his opportunities to harvest trophy whitetail deer, bear, turkeys, pronghorns, bull moose, a mountain lion, and most impressively, a trophy Bighorn Sheep with his bow.

Over the last few years as his son Tanyon has grown, Nate has really taken the time to teach Tanyon and show him the fun to be had in the woods. Nate’s favorite hunts are backcountry adventure hunting and he will never pass up the opportunity to hunt elk with archery gear during the rut.

Nate Anderson