The Kurtenbach Krew’s stomping grounds are now in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where these two outdoor enthusiasts are able to spend adequate time hunting and doing what they love.

When they aren’t in the field or taking on some difficult physical outdoor activities, Jesse is a full-time CRNA at the local hospital and Ashley is the Director of Operations for a boutique recruiting firm (ERC) based out of the Sioux Falls, SD area.

You can find them at least 5 days a week at the local fitness center, Ashley is a national-level bikini competitor in the NPC league, and Jesse has been slinging weights since 7th grade. Upping their fitness game allows them to conquer many obstacles that hunting can produce, and ability to go the extra mile to be successful in the field.

While they have many hobbies, they keep what’s important first: faith, and the ones they love. Life is about living to the fullest with balance in all things they do.

Kurtenbach Krew Gallery

Jesse Kurtenbach

From a young age, Jesse was exposed to hunting and fishing: He was hooked from the beginning.

With a dad who worked in conservation for over 35 years, however, Jesse’s love for the outdoors was inevitable. Over time, this interest grew deeper, and Jesse has become both a great educator and deadly hunter, with a zest for the industry like none other.

Ashley Kurtenbach

Ashley always had a little bit of “tom-boy” in her.

With a love for being outside, helping on the farm, driving ATVs, fishing with her family and tagging along on the post-hunting practices, she had an interest from the beginning, but Ashley didn’t become an active hunter until later in life.