#Balance Brief – just ask

Seems extremely basic, but is it possible that life could be easier and more complete if we simply just asked for what we need and what we want? The answer is a resounding yes.


Ok, we can toss in a little reality now and say it’s not always that simple and some thoughtful communication is additionally helpful during the “ask” dialogue. But the fact remains true that it’s ultimately on us to share and communicate
what we need. We need to ask.


As conscientious human beings, we are often unwilling to speak our minds for how it may be received and the impact our needs may have on others. We are equally guilty of never wanting to be perceived as “needy” or unable to handle it on
our own. Well it might be time to let the ego down, drop the guard and say, “I need a hand” or “I need to share a need I have”.


The wildcard with any conversation is how your “ask” is received and ultimately how you communicate the importance and depth of your need. When you need help making dinner, the preparation time (no pun intended) is certainly less than when
you evaluate how to share a much deeper emotional need. So while it’s on us to ask, it’s also on us to approach that “ask” with a well thought out plan.


Regardless of the outcome of the “ask”, conversations in this manner generally promote sharing, which is always a win-win. Dialogue about our needs and wants is never to be taken lightly nor is it to be put off for days on end.  It’s time
to ask.


Wishing you a healthy complete weekend.


Author Details

Jeremy Elbert

I grew up enjoying the sport of hunting and have truly come to fully appreciate every aspect of the hunt…leading up to the kill. The show has taken me to some amazing destinations where I have met some wonderful people, places where I now visit on a regular basis.

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