#Balance Brief – quiet time

We run, we go, we fill our lives with electronic stimulation, conversations all day and night, TVs and/or radios on in the background and constant noise. Our brains are continuously fed with information and
often struggle to keep up. It’s no wonder we need time to recharge and regroup.


I’m the first to admit; I rarely find quiet time in my day. I enjoy being busy and the interactions of life. Quite time for me is a reminder of how much I miss the kids when they are gone, that life is not simple enough and challenges do
exist. Instead, quiet time needs to become an absolute positive experience and opportunity to reflect.


This weekend I will be traveling to the farm to begin the spring planting process. Other than the tractor running, it will be some of the quietest time I have had in months. If my time there is anything like the past, I will come away refreshed,
refocused and appreciative of that time.  


We suggest our kids have “down time” on a regular basis to relax and maybe return to a calm state, sometimes as a result of discipline.  We also know as older mature adults, quiet time is often a given with health changes and the progression
toward our last years. Yet there is a span of our life, between being a kid and being mature where we forget to take that time.


It’s time to find that quiet time ourselves, as I think we all deserve it. The time to think, reflect, maintain awareness, appreciate and refocus is very powerful. I challenge everyone to grab 15m this weekend to find that time and prepare
for an awesome week coming up.


Have a great weekend.


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Jeremy Elbert

I grew up enjoying the sport of hunting and have truly come to fully appreciate every aspect of the hunt…leading up to the kill. The show has taken me to some amazing destinations where I have met some wonderful people, places where I now visit on a regular basis.

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