#Balance Brief – remember when

Remember the day when we would pick up the phone and call a family member, a friend, co-worker or client, long before the idea of sending a text first ever became commonplace? Or the day when we would print photos off our non-digital cameras at the local photo shop, to eventually stick them into an album and share with those closest to us, years before deciding to forgo those albums for storing thousands of pictures (aka pics) on our smartphones became so prevalent? Or the day when kids 5 and under had no idea how to use technology and now can navigate iPads and similar devices like they handle Legos and building blocks? The times have changed.

There is no question that we have seen a dramatic shift in many aspects of our lives related to technology. I personally have more Apple devices than I can count, a server at home for email and seemingly an IT department on “ready-alert” for all my issues. I live the techie life and love all that it provides, yet I also realize it has changed how we operate as people, and how very in personable we have become.

Making a case for technology though, I do believe it has allowed business to be executed more efficiently and many conversations in life to be avoided when maybe a text will suffice. But there in lies the balance of knowing when to add the personable touch or simply stay electronic. Not to mention the very common issue of misinterpretation of texts, emails and electronic communication often forcing a conversation anyway. Snaps, IMs, texts, Facebook messages, Tweets and all things common in social media today can never replace what we know works, picking up the phone. 

Until we take a few minutes to slow down and replace electronic communication with emotion and feelings, we will be set on the same path we are on today. And even though we know some forms of electronic communication can be effective, simply think about the message you are trying to convey and how wonderful it is to listen and be eventually be heard.

“Phone Home”

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Jeremy Elbert

I grew up enjoying the sport of hunting and have truly come to fully appreciate every aspect of the hunt…leading up to the kill. The show has taken me to some amazing destinations where I have met some wonderful people, places where I now visit on a regular basis.

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