#Balance Brief – the easy button

I’ve always thought the Staples commercial and eventual “Easy Button” product development was extremely clever. I assume it gave the company an edge on its competitors during the peak of its relevance.

Think about how absolutely cool it would be to have an easy button, maybe in your back pocket. You could pull out when you needed it the most. Maybe to improve a difficult task at work, change the direction of a conversation or simply get your kids up and motivated in the morning. ☺

Reality as it is, we don’t have an easy button. We certainly know that some things “push our buttons” but that’s usually quite different than anything I would call easy. So how can we build our own easy button?

Any situation that would require the use of an easy button, instead needs our best patience, attention, awareness and willingness to problem solve on our own. You know deep down that most all problems can be figured out. Most all situations can be talked through. And the majority of life’s issues find a way of being resolved.

You are your own “Easy Button”. You have what it takes inside to make a situation easy….even when it feels so very difficult at the time. I’m confident we can all make it easy.

Happy Monday

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Jeremy Elbert

I grew up enjoying the sport of hunting and have truly come to fully appreciate every aspect of the hunt…leading up to the kill. The show has taken me to some amazing destinations where I have met some wonderful people, places where I now visit on a regular basis.

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