2015 Nebraska Turkey Hunt: Day 4, The Last Morning

It took not one, or two, but a third wake-up call to get my tired hunters up on the last day of hunting. As exciting as it is to be a hunter and enjoy the outdoors, the hours invested each day, the intensity of the pursuit and the emotional highs and lows can certainly be draining. Both Gus and Lily were feeling this first hand.

Our final morning sit was in a new spot, perfect for the calm, crisp morning we were experiencing. The temperature was around freezing, the wind was next to non-existent, the star-filled sky was as clear as it could be and the conditions were perfect for turkey hunting. Gus knew this was his last chance in Nebraska and his time to be a hunter.

Positioned in the middle of an alfalfa field, over a smaller turkey plot, we were excited about the prospect of seeing birds and getting Gus a shot. The Xenek blind went up quick, the heater was turned on just as quickly to warm the kids and our gear was ready.


As Mother Nature brought light to our field, the woods became alive with turkeys calling. Brian had given us some insight during the pre-dawn drop on where the birds may come from, which was exactly in-line with the calls we were hearing. Our focus was now on waiting for any sign of movement.


The sun continued to grow on the horizon, and with no turkeys yet spotted, both Gus and Lily gave into their pure exhaustion and grabbed a much-needed nap in the blind. I continued to work my Duel call and scan the field edges, hoping the birds would come to the field to feed after their morning fly-down. As our pre-arranged time for pickup came and no birds had been seen, we knew the hunt was over.


I spoke to Gus about the possibility of coming back later in the season, about the reality that we have North Dakota turkey tags to fill on and how we should continue to be excited for Lily’s first harvest. As hard as it is to go home empty-handed, he knew we had spent a fun three days together, and he was able to experience his sister’s success.


As I packed up and said goodbye to Brian, our Guide and Outfitter, there was another first-experience for me – I witnessed Gus and Lily acting as I would at the end of a hunt. They were very grateful for the opportunity, they chatted about the successes and challenges, and shared a few memories that we will all have forever. We all agreed that we’d like to come back to Oak View Ranch to chase turkeys around one more time.


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Jeremy Elbert

I grew up enjoying the sport of hunting and have truly come to fully appreciate every aspect of the hunt…leading up to the kill. The show has taken me to some amazing destinations where I have met some wonderful people, places where I now visit on a regular basis.

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